Review Classes

Getting ready to take the NBCAAM Equine or Small Animal Acupressure or Massage exam? We have created review courses to help you prepare. The reviews are online 24/7, with a live Q&A session available.

Not sure if a review course is right for you?  This is what one of your peers had to say about the massage review course:


Dear Lisa,


I can't thank you enough for the encouragement to sit for the NBCAAM certification and for offering your review course.  It would have been difficult to sort through all of the material without your direction, in-depth discussion, and the teacher/student interaction, I received through the on-line course.  I am very excited to be recognized by the board and look forward to upholding its standards as I practice in the field of Equine Massage.


Sincerely, Elizabeth Binari

Acupressure:  Available online

Massage:  Available online