Our Mission

NBCAAM supports the world of animal acupressure and massage by setting the high standards for entry into the field, ensuring animal owners have highly trained practitioners available.

We provide certification exams for equine acupressure and massage, and canine acupressure and massage, as well as networking and legal assistance for practitioners, students, and schools.

We are not a school. Please choose a school that meets our standards to allow you to sit for our exam, if that is your goal.


Exam Review Classes 

Prepare for the exam with one of our popular recorded online review classes.

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Whether you are a practitioner, student, or school of animal acupressure or massage, NBCAAM can support you in your goals. 

What is a Nationally Board Certified Practitioner ?

A practitioner of massage manipulates the soft tissues of the body with deliberate and focused touch, and may perform passive range of motion, to produce various physiological, neurological, and psychological effects supporting both physical and emotional wellness.

An acupressure practitioner applies the theories of Tradition Chinese Medicine to support emotional or physical well-being, though pressure on specific acupressure points, know through thousands of years of clinical observation to have a functional and energetic effect. 

A Nationally Board Certified Practitioner of Animal Acupressure or Massage has taken at least 200 hours of education, with extensive training in anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology, behavior, ethics, biosafety, and at least 50 hours of hands-on training in acupressure or massage. They have passed our rigorous exam and signed our ethics pledge.

Don't settle! Put your dog or horse in good hands.