COVID-19 Updates and Advice

NBCAAM would like to support our members and the wider animal bodyworker community, by providing up-to-date COVID-19 information, recommendations and inspiration. Please visit our FaceBook page for more content and discussion.

Due to the fact that the virus spreads before symptoms appear, that animals may act as fomites (able to spread virus between people if contaminated), and that in the US, both young, healthy and elderly people are needing respirators, we feel that there is no safe way to work on clients. We recommend not having direct contact with clients at this time.
If you choose to see clients, we have guidance on how to try to stay safe and keep the families of your clients safe. Please also use these guidelines as you resume work after social distancing is eased.

Below please find sections on the latest CDC and scientific information, news that affects NBCAAM members, business information, and some uplifting stories during these hard times. Visit our FaceBook page for more.


  1. In regards to Continuing Education we are waiving the in-person requirement for renewals for as long as the CDC is requiring social distancing. We encourage you take advantage of online opportunities and suggest you check out our ever-expanding list to see if something catches your eye. NBCAAM Approved CE courses. And if you have another class in mind, that is fine too, members are welcome to take any course that meets our requirements.

  2. If your membership is up for renewal and you don’t have all your items ready to submit we are offering a grace period. Please contact us to let us know how we can best support you.

  3. If you are scheduled to take the NBCAAM exam and for social distancing reasons this needs to be postponed, we would like to offer support with this. If this means re-taking the Review class to keep the material clear in your mind or if you need a time extension, just let us know.

  4. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for a contest we will be starting next week. Our plan is to post an activity each Monday that we need help with and 3 lucky people who participate will be chosen to receive $50 each. Our plan is to keep the contest going weekly for the next few months.

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