School Membership Application

Cost: $299 plus $40 application fee ($299 refunded if membership is not offered.)

Requirements: To qualify as a Certification Program School, you must offer a program that meets the requirements for your graduates to take one of the NBCAAMs exams (Equine Massage, Canine Massage, Equine Acupressure, Canine Acupressure), and meet some quality standards.

Alternatively, you can partner with another school to fill in any gaps for the students. For example, if you need more A&P hours, you can direct students to take a particular course at another school. If you need more hands-on hours, students can take a workshop at another school. These arrangements should be agreed to by both (all) schools and provided to NBCAAM at the time of school application. We can provide guidance in finding matching programs. All schools should be school members, or be listed as an NBCAAM Continuing Education provider.

Benefits of being a Certification Program School member:

o Marketing exposure

o Listing on our website with hotlink

o Newsletter article about you or by you, submit other articles about subjects that can relate back to your course offerings

o Webinar promotion of classes

Additional benefits of being a Certification Program School include; no yearly CE school fee, just per class approval, option to submit questions for exams and reduced cost curriculum guidance (normally $80/hr).

To apply: 1) Fill out form below. 2) Download and fill out pdf form 3) Upload form and any supporting documents. 4) Make payment..

Certification Programs

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Payment $339